Tesla Showroom Deals / TSD.

Learn how to find Secret Deals. 

TESLA does NOT allow you to negotiate Discounts on Cars. However, there is a secret called "SHOWROOM DEALS" which are NEW cars that assigned to be in the Showroom for Demonstrations and Test-drives. These Tesla cars have very slight WEAR and some MILES which result in a DISCOUNT called an "Adjustment". These Showroom Deals are New Cars that can be cheaper than USED cars! EV Showroom Deals has helped over 1,400 people buy cars. Service fees is for tools and information to help you purchase a Tesla at a Discount which may save you thousands. 

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I teach you how to find the deals. These discounted Tesla Cars are not published on the public website. 



Learn how to Compare Prices and get advice if a Deal is good enough go buy. 


Our tutorials will help you understand the paperwork and use our Checklist to ensure a smooth Delivery. 

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I Became obsessed with finding out IF a deal was possible, it DEFINITELY is after analyzing years of tesla sales.  ~ DAVE